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      I have the Overdrive app on my ipad and when i log in it keeps telling me that this adobe id has been authorized too many times how do i fix this, because i rent library books for school and this is how i get them

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          You have an Overdrive issue.  You should go to an Overdrive forum.

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            Did you get an answer?  I have the same problem.  Can we just establish another adobe account and use its?

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Cookie, I suggested that Sunnygrl88 go to an Overdrive forum for her

              answer, because the problem isn't with ADE, it's with Overdrive.


              ADE locks onto your account ID and embeds it in its software.  It allows

              only one ID.  Even if you obtain another Adobe ID, your copy of ADE will

              continue to reference the first one, because that's how it's designed.


              There is a way to de-authorize your computer and re-authorize it with a

              different ID, however.  THIS IS A



              an article that tells you how to do it.  Remember that this thread is

              dealing with an iPad, which is not a supported device to ADE, so the

              article may not apply to your situation.



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                There are no overdrive forums.

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                  I have the same problem after reinstalling OverDrive multiple times on my iPad.  The error message is "Error:2004-This Adobe ID has been authorized too many times."


                  How can that not be an Adobe problem?  I'm trying to authorize it using my Adobe ID. 


                  As mentioned before, there is no OverDrive forum.  I'm not saying that OverDrive is not buggey, it is.  Worst ereader I have tried, but that's what our local library requires.  I've found a workarround for the issues with OverDrive, but when I try to authorize it again, I get "Error:2004-This Adobe ID has been authorized too many times."


                  I tried contacting Adobe support, but the only thing I can find is a link to chat.  Chat was no help at all.  Directed me tohttp://kb2.adobe.com/cps/405/kb405200.htmlhttp://kb2.adobe.com/cps/405/kb405200.html.  All that address is problems with ADE in Windows.  It sends you to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/ which has a link to Contact Support (http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/supportinfo/) which takes you to chat.  Chat is no help!


                  All I want done is to somehow clear the Adobe ID history of past installations so I can authorize the reader again.

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                    cookie3921 Level 1

                    It turns out the latest Overdrive release has a bug in it.  I even called Overdrive and a guy told me  they were aware of the problem.   Surely it will be fixed soon.  If you look on the Overdrive app, before you install it, there are a lot of negative comments from a llot of people about this problem. 


                    I called Adobe and a very nice guy set up an issue for me.  I then had to describe my problem, via the internet.  They did fix it after a few days.  I am not going to try to read a book until overdrive is fixed.  I will forward the info I received from Adobe and maybe that will help you get it solved.  I do not understand how the free Adobe app would have restrictions on it like does.



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                      vswingfield Level 1

                      Thanks Clare,


                      I had looked at the comments at OverDrive and was aware of them.  OverDrive's contact page at http://www.overdrive.com/Contact/ states, "Looking for Help?  Support services are provided by our library, school, and retail partners.  From an OverDrive-powered site, go to the main Help page for information and a link to contact support.  Click here to search for your library or bookstore."  Their idea of help is to tell you to go away and let your library deal with it.  I'm impressed that you found a way to even contact someone there.


                      I haven't tried to setup an issue yet.  The guy I chatted with sent me to the first link in my prior post for that.  I kept following the circular links till I got back to chat.  I haven't tried another chat session.  I'll deal with it later this evening.  I agree with you, why should there be restrictions like this on a free app?


                      I will report back with what I learn.     

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                        cookie3921 Level 1

                        Good luck.



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                          rebubbab226 Level 1

                          My problem originated from a buggy iPhone app, it kept freezing up on me and the only way around the perpetual loading screen was to delete and reinstall the app over and over until I got this lovely error.  I ended up just creating a new adobe id with another email address, it still let's me use the same library card to check out books, however I lost the book I was in the middle of and cannot get it back until it becomes available for checkout again (the library will automatically take it back after 2 weeks).  I hope I don't have to sit on the waiting list again.  I never had a problem with the overdrive app for my old blackberry.  Hope this helps.

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                            vswingfield Level 1

                            That sounds exactly like my problem, just substitute iPad for iPhone.  Interestingly I did discover how to stop the vicious cycle of perpetual loading on my iPhone, just too late for the install on my iPad.  Double click the Home button at the bottom to bring up the "multasking list" of recent apps, hold down the OverDrive icon till they start to shake and have the minus sign on their upper left corners.  Hit the minus sign on the OverDrive icon and stop it completely.  When you restart OverDrive, it will be OK again without a reinstalling.  For how long I don't know, but it beats reinstalling.

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                              cookie3921 Level 1

                              Overdrive had an update that caused the books to freeze.  Hopefully that problem will be fixed soon.

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                                cookie3921 Level 1

                                That sounds great.  I can maybe finish reading my book.



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                                  rebubbab226 Level 1

                                  Thanks vs!  That helps a lot!

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                                    vswingfield Level 1

                                    Well, I tried creating a new Adobe ID, but that didn't work for me.  It behaved like Frustrated in AZ described.


                                    It did, however, give me a variation on the 2004 error message.  When I tried the new Adobe ID, it gave me a mesage saying, "Fulfill:2004-This license has already been fulfilled by another user."


                                    I feel much more fulfilled.


                                    I still can't use OverDrive on my iPad.  I was going to try to setup an issue with Adobe last night, but I could not get to adobe.com on my home computer at all.  I did my previous post in my iPad, but the onscreen keyboard is not a good way to try to do anything difficult.  Perhaps I will try it after work this evening.  I send an email to my library's tech support describing a suggestion from Adobe chat, "You will need to work with their tech support to get a new .acsm file/download link which has not yet been associated with a particular user."  I also asked if we need to delete my account with the library and start over.  I still haven't heard from them.


                                    I'll be back as I learn more.

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                                      vswingfield Level 1

                                      During lunch at my desk I discovered that I could deauthorize OverDrive in its settings.  I deauthorized the Adobe ID with the new email and tried to authorize it using the old email.  It seemed OK till I tried to download a book from my local library, then I got the Fulfill:2004 message.  That led me to think that the issue was, indeed, with my local library not Adobe.


                                      Then I discovered discussions of Bluefire Reader.  It has the ability to read books and deal with the acsm files that allow you to get the books.  The process is involved, but gives you an alternative to OverDrive.  However, when I tried to authorize Bluefire Reader, I got another error message (without the 2004) that still said that my Adobe ID had been used too many times.  Without any interaction with my local library.  Obviously this is an Adobe issue.  No matter what they say.


                                      I am going back to Adobe chat to try to get them to create an issue and fix my problem.


                                      For those who are interested in checking out Bluefire Reader (it is a free app), instructions on getting eBooks to it are in a pdf here: http://www.pldminfo.org/search/digitaldownloads/iPadBluefire.pdf

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                                        vswingfield Level 1

                                        Went back to Adobe's chat support.  Got a different representative.  What a difference!!!  He immediately reset my ID and now both OverDrive and Bluefire Reader are working.


                                        It only took him a few seconds.  Obviously, it helps to get the right person.


                                        I'm going to try reading my next loan from the library in Bluefire Reader and see if I like it better than OverDrive.


                                        Hope this helps.



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                                          cookie3921 Level 1

                                          Great.  I have found out that if I hit the home button twice, it lets you see all the apps that are open.  Close the overdrive one and then reopen it as a normal app.  You do not have to reauthorize adobe.   This has worked for me.