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    How to Get a List of All XMLElement Tags

    mlavie Level 1

      (CS5, Win7, 64Bit)


      I need a list of all the unique XML Tag names in a given document (just like the Tags Panel in InDesign itself).


      I could not find any "normal" way (i.e., builtin-in property or method) to get at the information. Instead, I found that I had to recurse through the entire XMLElement tree, starting with the Root Element. For a large document, this can take close to a quarter of an hour, and sometimes I have to do this for an InDesgin Book containing over ten enormous INDD files.


      There HAS to be a better way, right?


      Would it be better were I to recurse through all PageItems in the document and then recurse through each PageItem's XMLElement tree? I assume that wouldn't make a big difference wither way.


      I'm open to suggestions...