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    Viewing Indesign tagged text file in third party applications


      I am using Indesign CS3 for composing classified advertisements in a news paper. The composing application is developed using Powerbuilder.

      After composing the material, the material is exported to indesign tagged text format which is saved in a oracle database table for future use.

      This tagged text can be later saved as a text file and imported back in indesign to see the material.


      My question is, with out the help of Indesign, that is without loading Indesign, Can I see the original matter from this tagged text using some

      ocx control or standard control in Powerbuilder or Visual basic application?


      Is there any third party controls or applicaton that supports showing indesign tagged text in original format (with all fonts, styles etc..)

      so that I can see the material in my application itself, which will help me to save the time consumed for loading indesign for each advertisement.


      Expecting reply.