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    "Flash Catalyst is running low on memory"


      Hi everybody,


      after long programming and using of flash catalyst on both PC and Mac, at the end I found this error message, labeled "Low Memory" followed by the subject of the post and with some "tips" to avoid it.

      Obviously I tried everything the pop up told me (for is. rasterize my images) but on PC I'm stuck with this error (the one about low memory).

      I tried to increase the memory of Virtual Java machine, editing the catalyst .ini file and I discovered that on PC and Mac the memory usage is different.

      On my MacBookPro with 8GB Ram I can set up to 1400 for both Xms and Xmx value and I put up to 532 the value of MaxPermSize and PermSize.

      On my PC, i7 with 12 GB of RAM I'm stuck at 800 for Xms/Xmx and 512 for Perms Size.

      I "messed up" with the .ini file because I already received the error about the Java Heap Memory and I discovered on the net these good settings.


      Although I can work with my MacBooKpro (but I don't know for how long...) I would like to ask you if there is a solution or a tip or something else to keep working with my catalyst project.


      every answer will be really appreciated.

      Thanks in advance