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    Reload footage shortcut way ?




      I love to use shortcut for my workflow.

      Is there a way to assign a shortcut to the command "reload footage" when we select a layer ?

      I'm surprised not having that avaible within AE...It's pretty usefull for a quick worflow specially when you make renders in other software and you have to reload all the times the footage that has been updated.


      So maybe this 'll need a little jsx script ? like this we can assign that to keyboard shortcut.

      Anyone can help me on that ? I'm sure it's not a bigdeal to code



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          eternitease_samy Level 1

          In fact investigating : reload footage has a short cut : ctrl+alt+L but we can't just use that when we select a layer in the timeline.

          What'll help is a combo script that does that :


          As we are in the timelie on a layer :

          1-Reveal Layer Source in Project (this command has no shortcut availlable and I tried to find the Command number without successs)

          2-Reload footage.


          Thanks for your help.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 7

            You may not be able to use the Reload Footage keyboard shortcut from the timeline, but you CAN use the "reveal footage in project window" (or whatever they call it) command, and THEN use the keyboard shortcut.


            You can use this trick right away, as opposed to waiting for a certain Very Bad Place to freeze over for that script.

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              eternitease_samy Level 1

              Thanks Dave for your reply.

              So AFAIK there is no shortcut for "Reveal layer source footage in Browser" I was looking for a command ID but looks like there is nothing on the internet regarding CS5.5 i found this documentation for CS3 on this forum http://www.aenhancers.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=889


              So do you think there is a way to scipt this combo of commands to do a reload footage in one click from the timeline layers ?



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                Dave LaRonde Level 7

                I recommend you to do the following:


                • Right-click on a video layer from the timeline.

                • Read through the commands listed.

                • Use the appropriate command.

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                  eternitease_samy Level 1

                  Dave I think you missunderstoud me I know that you can access with the mouse right click and reveal footage in layer browser.

                  My all point is how setuping or find a way to have a keyboard shortcut to that specific command ?


                  The idea is to make a script that allows you in ONE click to reload a footage from the layer timeline.

                  (reveall layer in project + reload footage) in one click.


                  Does it make sense ?


                  Thnks again for your reply.

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                    Dave LaRonde Level 7

                    If you've already checked AE Enhancers and similar scripts-for-sale sites and came up empty, I'd say such a script doesn't exist yet.


                    But I have to ask myself how it would help efficiency.  What would be the time advantage over highlighting a layer and invoking a script versus right-clicking on a layer, highlighting it in the project window and using a keyboard shortcut.


                    I understand that you're a big fan of keyboard shortcuts, and a script may be tidier, but I don't see the benefit.


                    However, it would be just the thing Adobe would want to know about as a feature request.

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                      eternitease_samy Level 1

                      Again thks Dave.

                      Yeah I'm just a psycho of shortcut I like to do everything with keyboard the fact that we have the mouse scroll and click on reveal in browser annoyes me a bit.

                      Cause I'm often dealing with hundreds of footage layers & passes from c4d and It's just a soooooo repetitive process.