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    Unwanted character styles in my placed (from Word 2010) paragraphs




      Lately, when I place a Word 2010 file with a specific paragraph style into InDesign CS 5.5,, the characters are bold -- which is NOT part of the style as defined in both Word and InDesign.


      If I then right-click on the style in the paragraph style panel and select "apply...and clear character styles" the bold, of course, disappears.


      The problem (besides the incovenience), of course, is that this action also removes any character attributes (such as bold) that I purposely applied to some of the text.


      As far as I can tell, these affected paragraph styles are defined in both Word and in the InDesign template correctly, so I can't figure out why this is happening...and it is a new phenomenon. This is a monthly newsletter, and it did not happen last month.