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    Nikon D3100 and RAW

    andsome kj

      I have a new D3100, and so far have only used Jpeg.  I have now taken a few shots in RAW, but CS3 will not process them.  I downloaded the DNG converter, is this all I need to start using CS3 to improve the photos.  I cannot afford the Nikon NX2 Capture on my pension.

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          You need to 'convert' your NEF files to DNG so they can be processed with CS3. Always use the latest version of DNG Converter (currently 6.6).

          I highly recommend that you update Camera Raw to version 4.6. This is the best version compatible with CS3. You should also check the preferences in DNG Converter, making sure that it is set to produce DNG files compatible with Camera Raw 4.6 and later.


          Hope that helps.

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            andsome kj Level 1

            Very many thanks.  I have done as suggested