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    How to select the whole *.png content?


      Hello to everyone!


      I have a problem - I want to select whats inside of a png file that only has some objects in the middle of the image and it is surrounded by transparency.. so when I select with the shortcut "Ctrl + A" and copy it , when I paste from the clipboard it only gives me the objects , without the transparency and the proportions(dimensions) of the image are not being constrained..
      Can anyone tell me how to do that please? Thanks a lot!

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Can we assume you want to do this in the process of copying the whole thing to someplace else and maintain alignment?


          I don't think there's really a direct way to do it, but I know I've built a trick into an action at some time in the past when I needed to do a copy/paste and maintain alignment...  As I recall, I selected all, saved the selection, expande the canvas 1 pixel in each dimension, then used the inverse of the saved selection to fill the additional pixel border with a color that was not transparent.  Then a select all and copy got everything and I was able to trim off the excess later because I knew it was one extra pixel on each of two sides.


          Another approach might be to convert the transparency to a mask.  Photoshop CS5 offers a direct way to do this. Layer - Layer Mask - From Transparency.



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            Zeno Bokor Level 6

            A bit more info about what you're trying to achieve might help but if you have Photoshop CS5 then try using Edit->Paste Special->Paste in Place instead of the normal Paste.

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              Sqnkov Level 1

              Sorry for the late answer , I`ve been busy yesterday.
              So - I have like 50 png files which have a graphic element in the center and the rest is transparency, when I select the whole rectangle (the png) and when I try to paste/paste special it gives me the element in a square selection , without preserving the entire empty space (transparency).





              example2.png(after paste)

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                Sqnkov Level 1

                I already tried that, but I have to make a composition of png images in a row, for javascript animation (something like 15000x200)

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                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                  Are you pasting into an existing document or making a new document from the selected area?


                  Maybe Duplicate Layer would work. (right click on the layer thumbnail in the layers panel to get Duplicate Layer.

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                    Zeno Bokor Level 6

                    You'll have to use workarounds for this like making a new layer, filling it with some color and then copying both of them to your final document using Layer->Duplicate Layers. You can also use Layer->Link Layers to make sure that those layers will always move together and then delete the extra layer when you're done compositing your final image.