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    CP 5.5 importing localized text from Word changes formatting in text boxes - Localization in general

    ssto3664 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I need to localize my English CP 5.5 project into multiple languages, up to 27 .

      To check that I will not run into issues I tried out on how it works.

      This is what I did:

      1. Make copy of the English project
      2. Renamed the project with extension of language, xyz_German.cptx
      3. Exported Project captions and text captions to word
      4. Open file looks it does NOT look good, the two columns OK but the formatting is NOT as in project - Bullets are missing etc.
      5. Nevertheless I changed some of the text in the 'Updated Text Caption Data' column
      6. Went back to the project and imported the Project captions...
      7. The project was updated
      8. And I saw the items reflected from the Word doc were I did not make the language changes.


      Now I am puzzled on how to proceed:


      1. Why do I not see formatting such as bullets in text boxes in the Word doc. - BUG? - Fix?
      2. Is Word the right translation media for so many languages?
      3. Is Export to XML a better choice?
      4. How can I ensure that formatting in different languages will be OK - Icannot read all of the languages such as Chinese (S)
      5. If Word would be the choice, how do I ensure that the translation company does not change the formatting?


      OK this for a start.


      I would highly appreciate input !!!!!