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    Cropped video shows up in FLV

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      Another beginners question .


      I have with great success been producing a number of video clips in the preconfigured "FLV - Web Large, PAL Widescreen..." and "FLV - Web Medium, PAL Widescreen..." settings. But today something has happened with the "Large" version.


      I have now put together a clip with a person against an overexposed white background. It is zoomed out a bit with the light and stands visible on the right and left hand side. I have that clip on Video 2. On Video 1 I have a white JPG picture in the same pixelformat as the video. On Video 3 I have a simple Title with two lines of text.


      I then crop Video two on the left and right hand side to get rid of the lamps and to show the underlying white backgroung (jpg) instead. I use the crop tool from Edit/Effects and I crop by sliding the handles.


      When I play the timeline everything is OK. When I save this in MP4 or "FLV Medium" everything is OK. But when I save in "FLV - Large" the cropped out lamps are visible in the finished video. However these part flicker when playing the video. Also the quality of the video is really poor.


      I have checked and compared the settings for FLV Medium and Large and cannot see any weird settings.


      Does anyone have a clue?