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    Using a bluetooth barcode scanner with an Ipad

    Adrian Yves Wicki

      Hello there,

      We are currently working on a till system based on Flex. We would like to add support for scanning barcodes via a bluetooth barcode scanner.

      The scanner itself actually works as a replacement of the nativ Ipad keyboard. So basically: if I scan a barcode, the scanner will send the number as a keyboard input to the device.


      We then tried to listen for keyboard events in the application, namely the KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN or the TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT the Ipad did not trigger with any of these events.

      We tried the exact same application on a Samsung Galaxy Tab and it worked just fine.


      We tried to find useful information on the internet concerning Keyboardevents on the Ipad, but didnt succeed in doing so.


      Perhaps it might be a problem with how the Ipad interpretes keyboard inputs. (We couldnt find anything really useful in the API documentation either).


      So if anyone has a similar problem or found a workaround, we would be very thankful.


      Thanks in advance for your help.