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    Form reload using previous button (with MSIE)

    gobbo67 Level 1

      Hello --


      == Scenario

      - just created a simple form composed of five pages (1/5, 2/5 ... 5/5)

      - copied from Distribute Embed code

      - pasted in a simple HTML page served by IIS WebServer (HTML vanilla here; only code embedded)


      == Behaviour with Firefox browser

      - when form is loaded I'm able to fill, and to use Previous / Next buttons, WITHOUT any troubles

      - if I'm on the last page, I can move back to the first page and nothing happen (all data/selection are maintained)

      - no missing data moving back and forth


      == Behaviour with MS IE browser

      - when form is loaded I'm able to fill, and to use Next buttons, WITHOUT any troubles

      - when I TRY to use Previous button (e.g. from page 3/5 back to 2/5) for an instant I'm able to view all data of page 2/5 but, after a second, entire page is reloaded and obviously all data are missing, and form is repositioned on page 1/5


      I have tried wih many different version of iE and behaviour is the same. Absolutely no troubles with Firefox.

      Obviously I havent absolutely any troubles using MSIE directly on AdobeCentral URL.

      Troubles are created only with embedded code copy/pasted from distribute.


      Any suggest?