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    Extension manager & Dreamweaver run when I launch HP's help services


      The problem began when I loaded an After Effects preset, "Pie Chart" (downloaded from Adobe site)... 


      Now, when I click certain links in the Windows 7 Help system (as modified by HP), both Extension Manager and Dreamweaver open, and Dreamweaver generates the message, "The Extension Manager will now launch and finish updating Dreamweaver.  OK?"   Well, it's not okay, but my only choice is to click the OK button, which runs Extension Manager.  Then I exit both Dreamweaver and Extension Manager, which successfully closes both programs.  Then they re-launch a second time with the same message.  Again I close them both and this brings me to the help service I wanted in the first place.  Dreamweaver and Extension Manager always load twice.   


      I looked at the html code for the modified help screen, and the link in the help system runs a .JSE file. Windows shows the JSE file as a "JScript Encoded Script file" that is associated with Microsoft Windows Based Script Host.  I notice that there's a similar file extension, .JS, which is a "JScript Script file" (note: not encoded) and the .JS file is associated with Dreamweaver. 


      So... what's going on here?  Is this a problem with Extension Manager, DreamWeaver, After Effects, the Help system, registry or something else?  And how do I fix it?


      Details:  64-bit Windows 7 home version on a Hewlett-Packard HPE-500f.  Adobe Master Collection 5.0. 


      Thanks all!