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    Way to change main source path for all layers?


      Id like to know if there is a way to change the source path for an entire project full of images.  I have had to rename some of my animation AE projects to fit with our game development workflow.  This means that, even though the project is using the same layers, they're all showing up missing due to the name change.  Currently Im having to go one by one and redirect each layer to the renamed .psd file.  It is -madenning- to say the least.  The layers are all still named the same, but the main .psd's name changed.  Any help or suggestions would save me tons of headaches and lost time.  Thank you!!!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sorry, but you have to do it one-by-one.


          If you move a footage file to a new location but keep its original name, that's one thing: just double-click and navigate to the new location.

          But if you rename a footage file, that's a totally different kettle of fish; how does AE know you're not trying to use a brand-new file?

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            bogiesan Level 4

            You're going to be very happy someone in your group has decided to impose this crucial discipline and now it's up to you to make sure everyone else in yoru workflow adheres to it.

            Your post has two contradictory statements but I'll address the .psd element. If you have an item called Gameroom in your original AE project and it has ten layers and you've changed the name of the file from Gameroom to 01172012_GR_v06_charlie, as long as it's got the same number of 10 layers, you can use Reload Media or Refresh Media. Or you can explore using scripts.


            See the AE help system for REFRESH FOOTAGE ITEMS and you'll eventually stumble across this (might help):



            Compositions and footage items are listed in the Project panel. Unlike items in the Timeline panel and Effect Controls panel, the order of items in the Project panel has no influence on the appearance of the movies that you create. You can organize footage items and compositions however you like, including organizing them using folders. Solid-color footage items are automatically placed in the Solids folder.

            Folders that you create in the Project panel exist only in the Project panel. You can expand a folder to reveal its contents, and put folders inside other folders. To move a file or folder to the top level of the Project panel, drag it to the gray information area at the top of the panel.

            You can use the search field in the Project panel to find footage items that meet various criteria, such as those with missing source files.

            See Search and filter in the Timeline, Project, and Effects & Presets panels.


            Scripts for managing footage items

            Jeff Almasol provides a script on his redefinery website that automatically writes specified information about footage items or layers to the Comment fields for the respective items in the Project panel or Timeline panel.

            Christopher Green provides a script (Project_Items_Renamer.jsx) on his website with which you can rename compositions and footage items selected in the Project panel. You can search and replace text in the names, append characters to the beginning or end of the names, or trim a specified number of characters from the beginning or end of the names.

            Lloyd Alvarez provides a script on the After Effects Scripts website with which you can search an After Effects project and replace the file paths for the sources of footage items. This is convenient for swapping out source files, updating a project after moving sources, or updating a project after moving it to a different computer system.