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    Linear Color Space Issue

    voxL Level 1

      I've run into an interesting issue using 16bit linear exrs in AE.


      All of my 3D footage is rendered in 16 bit linear space, and I am rendering to sRGB IEC611966-2.1 in AE.

      I have various color corrections in the comp.  When I export a frame from the comp, and then reimport that frame into the same comp, it is brighter than the comp that it was exported from.

      I've exported to both png and openEXR with the same result.

      In PShop, I've confirmed that the exported png and exr are identical in color (after reducing the exr to 8bit).  I also know that the color corrections have been applied in the saved frames, because I screen captured the AE screen and pasted it on top of the saved frames in PShop - no color shift.

      My guess is that the re-imported frames are not in the correct colorspace, but I've tried a few using 'interpret footage' w/no luck.

      Any ideas?