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    About the FlexNativeMenu control

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flex/using/WSacd9bdd0c5c09f4a-690d4877120e8b878b0-7fea.html

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          example about array as dataprovider does not seem to be correct, can Array be bindable?



                      public var objMenuData:Array = [












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            levancho Level 3

            I guess pasting code did not go that well...



            anyway it says :      public var objMenuData:Array

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              jrunrandy Adobe Employee


              Sorry, but I didn't write this and don't know the answer to your questions. However, I asked a developer and here is what he said:


              It works because the example is not using any bindable functionality. It will work the same way even if you remove the [Bindable] tag.


              If you really want to bind to the data source, then you need the following:

              1. Define the var with [Bindable] (which you already did)
              2. Use ArrayCollection instead of Array
              3. Assign the dataProvider using curly braces {} via mxml or by using BindingUtils.bindProperty() of you want to do it in actionscript.


              Hope this helps,

              Randy Nielsen

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