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    Margin or page size problem


      When I print my document (either directly from ID, or after exporting a PDF), there is a large amount of white space at the bottom of the page.  There should be about the same amount of space below the folio as above it, but there is actually more than twice as much.  On screen in ID, the two pages of the spread do mot match up; the recto is placed higher on the pasteboard than the verso.  See attached screenshot.  I've never seen anything like this, and wonder if it is related to the problem of extra space at the bottom.  Note, however, that the master pages on which the document is built do not show this misalignment.  I have doublechecked the document page setup and margin settings multiple times.   If you look at only one page (ignoring the misaligned spread) then there seems to be about the right amount of space at the bottom.  Any suggestions?  I'm using ID CS5 on Windows Vista.


      Thanks - David