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    Please Help: Mouse scrolling issue with internet browser and flash-based website:


      scrolling flash-based website problem:





      Hi Adobe Community,



      First thank you for allowing me into the list. I just signed up today. The purpose of my message is to seek the community's help.



      I made a website in Flash CS3. I published the file into html format. Now when I open the html file in a web browser I cannot use my mouse wheel to scroll the page up nor down. However the browser's scroll bar allows me to scroll up and down and i can scroll the page up and down if I place my mouse to the left side of the page where the page shows the background color of my flash document's stage. I want to be able to scroll using my mouse wherever the mouse is located on the website.



      Details  about my flash file are as follows:

      - It contains only Action script 2.0 coding.

      - the layout is made out of movie clip and button symbols.

      - i used a scrollPane component for one of my text and image contents.

      - I used a UIscrollbar component for all the text inside my image gallery (which is a movie clip containing the scrollable text areas)




      I am including below the coding formats used for buttons in my file in hopes that it provides clues to the scrolling error :





      For all navigation buttons:



      on (release) {

                gotoAndPlay("scene name", frame #);






      For  the submit button in my contact form:



      on (release) {

               if (name eq "" or subject eq "" or message eq "" or email eq "") {


               } else {

               loadVariablesNum("emailform.php", 0, "POST");








      For  the "clear form" button in my contact form:




      on (release) {

          name = "";







      This is the only actionscript in my swf flie. My contact form has a php code file included in the site root folder of my swf file. The purpose of my swf file is for browser display as a website.





      Could someone please help me to understand what is going on?



      I can provide the file if it is necessary.



      Thank you in advance.