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    Adobe Overdrive console error message?



      I've been using Adobe Overdrive console to download and read library books on my Velocity Cruz tablet. The last 2 books I have checked out will not download from the library website. When I click on Download, it looks like it is starting to download but then I get an error message from the OVERDRIVE MEDIA CONSOLE that says " Error contacting Adobe License Service (error code 1069).

      I currently have 3 other books downloaded from the library website that are working just fine.

      I have tried restarting my tablet and updating the Overdrive. Please help! I don't want my books to expire before I get a chance to read them.

      I have searched through numerous threads here and been unable to find the answer, I apologize if it is here somewhere but I'm SO very frustrated after searching for answers for the past 4 hours!

      Thank you!