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    Can't close or generate a project


      A Robohelp HTML project does not respond to any orthodox attempt to generate any SSL or to close the project. Nothing happens when I click File > Close Project, File > Exit, the X in the upper right corner, or when I click Generate, or any SSL, or right click an SSL and select Properties.

      I am able to open, edit, and save topics, and to check in to our source control. This project worked yesterday. Other projects still work today.

      This is Robohelp HTML upgraded to 9.2 a few weeks ago, on Windows 7 64 bit. The source control is SVN with the PushOK plugin. A copy of the project did nothing different same with the machine unplugged from the network. I have rebooted and rebooted, deleted the cpd before opening, no change.

      One obvious approach would be to create a new copy from source control, but an apparent file name case conflict is causing that to fail (UNIX server), so that has to wait until there's someone with direct access to SVN.

      Any suggestions?