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    Problems converting from CS2 - eps files show TIFF error

    Kaleidoscopes Violin

      I have multiple volumes of a violin method book in InDesign CS2 and was considering upgrading to InDesign CS5. While using the trial version (which I just downloaded last night), every single of my eps files (hundreds of images across multiple documents) -- which were handled correctly by CS2 -- came up with the following error: "Error encountered while reading TIFF image. Image may be damaged or incompatible. Resave the image with different settings and try again." 


      Inconveniently, these errors were not collated into a single pop-up box when the document opened; instead, they appear one box at a time, as you page through the document -- so you have to manually close this error pop-up box hundreds of times.


      Meanwhile, the problem is not with the image files themselves.  Simply manually re-linking to the exact same image file corrected the image preview in each instance, for my Books 2 & 3.  This would inevitably seem to suggest the image file was never actually damaged or incompatible. 


      However, in my Book 1, re-linking an image caused the program to crash each time I tried it.


      The images themselves are EPS, not TIFF, and are listed in the links palette as such.  I assume that it's simply the image preview which is a TIFF -- however, the pop-up box should be more illuminating for your users who don't do this for a living.


      Meanwhile, the status of each buggy link is listed in the Links palette as "Okay." The inability to see the image correctly (and having to close a pop-up box each time you land on that page) is not, in my book, "okay."


      I am planning to immediately un-install CS5 and return to CS2; I cannot possibly go through the laborious process of re-linking hundreds of links to image files that are perfectly fine.  However, I wanted to post this feedback for the benefit of other users, or in hopes that the bug will be fixed.  I love my InDesign and am very disappointed that CS5 is handling my documents so erratically.