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    Advice on using Flash in the future for Android VS. Air VS. Web Development

    media kat Level 1

      First, I am not trolling and I see that other similar questions have been asked recently, though I am looking for specific info to meet the needs of our program (that is why I am posting this now).


      We've been teaching Flash at a community college for many years. After Adobe stopped development of the Flash Player for browsers, I'm left wondering what the future of Flash in the web will be? Data shows that a majority of web browsing will take place from mobile devices over the next several years, and if you are not going to be able to view Flash web content in a browser from a mobile device, I am concerned about whether it makes sense to continue teaching Flash to students for web design/development. I know Flash can also be used for developing applications, Air, etc., and we do some of that currently, I'm just wondering how Adobe can expect developers to commit to the platform for web development without supporting mobile web browsers. Am I missing something? Do developers see this differently? I appreciate any insight from Flash developers or Adobe employees. FYI - I just did a similar analysis with our video editing program and asked similar questions in an Apple Final Cut Pro forum and we are moving away from Apple's Final Cut Pro after they changed direction with their latest release and we are now going to start teaching Adobe Premiere. Should we focus teaching Flash for Android and Air development and back off from using it for web development?


      Thanks in advance.