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    Patterns and brushes

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      Hope you're well.


      I am trying to created a graphic like image in the following tutorial:




      I've done a pretty decent job with it but there were a couple of parts I had some difficulty with and would really appreciate anyone's assistance in

      leaning how to do it right.


      1.) At 1:40 into the tutorial, he selects a diamond pattern as a Pattern Overlay effect. However, it's a pattern he created himself. How do I create a pattern like that?


      2.) At 4:35, he draws a line with the pen tool having first selected a brush and then strokes the path. However, my path doesn't look like his. It's just a straight line,  while his splays out a bit so he's able to create that shining star effect when he rotates a copy. I've attached a jpeg of mine. What am I doing wrong to not get a line like his? Am I not choosing the right brush. I chose a brush with the diameter of 17 like he does in the tutorial. Does it look like I selected it from a different place?


      Your assistance is greatly appreciated.





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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Choose Custom Shapes from the Toolbar, and use the drop down in the Options bar to look for the diamond shape.


          When you have made your path with the Pen tool, go to the Paths palette, right click the work path, and choose stroke path.  Select the Paintbrush.  (You need to select the brush size before doing this)

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            Rik Ramsay Level 4

            1) Search (google) and ye shall be rewarded.


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              graph22 Level 1

              Hi Trevor,


              Thanks for your reply.


              It's great that you can get the basic diamond shape but how do you then create a pattern like the one he has in his tutorial?...which has a very grainy quality that seems more complex than using a few basic diamonds to create a pattern. Am I mistaken that it is more complex than that?


              As for the path, firstly right (ctrl in my case) clicking on the work path doesn't work. You need to control click on the path itself, which now doesn't seem to work either. Its now not giving me the option to stroke the path.


              When you say select the paintbrush size before doing this, do you mean before selecting the paintbrush? Or at some other point?


              Thanks very much.

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                graph22 Level 1

                Hi Rik,


                Thanks for your reply and the link.


                That's great in terms of learning how to load the pattern so it's an option in the dropdown in Pattern Overlay. However, do you know how to specificlly create a pattern like the one in this tutorial?