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    Flash Catalyst to Flash Builder Help


      I am recreating a photo album in Flash Catalyst CS5 so that you can click and enlarge pictures on each page. I have buttons on each page to navigate from page to page. I used flash catalyst becasue it seemd simple enough to do this. I am a photogapher and not really up to CODE on actionscript. This will not be on a website, it is intended to run on a local machine in a flash viewer. The problem is that Flash catalyst does not appear to have the ability to create a button that loads a new swf file. Each page I create in Catalyst is its own swif file. So I have a button on each page that the user will click to go to the next page of the album (a new swf file). I have the pages created and working awesome EXCEPT for the button to navigate to another page or load a new swf filis not working. I opened up the project in Flash Builder CS5 to try and ad some code that I found online at various flash help sites but nothing is working. I am in need of some help with this. The album consists of about 50 pages (50 swf files) Any ideas are much appreciated !


      Thanks !