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    Export to epub loses header counters


      I have a document that has section headers with counters (e.g., "3.1 Intro"). When I export to epub the number is removed if there happens to be a text anchor in inDesign for the section (i.e., I've referenced it from somewhere else in the file). If I don't ref it, there is no text anchor and the 3.1 comes through. My book also has Figures, so when I set up a cross ref to a figure, the text anchor goes in the figure title and the number doesn't print there either.


      I can look at the html and see the generated anchor but without the number. I can type the number into the html and it displays fine, but I don't want to do that!


      I find that if I go into inDesign and remove the hidden anchor character, the section header or figure title is exported correctly with the number. But I don't want to do that either!


      What am I missing here? How can I get the numbers with the anchors to work correctly?

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          dtinpgh Level 1

          I figured out a work around. I found that if you have a space in the inDesign text right before the hidden (anchor) character, then everything is exported correctly. That is, the full "3.1 Intro" shows up in the html and is displayed correctly.


          Seems like a kludge for what appears to be an error in the export function. But it works for now.