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    faulty figure caption numbering (ID CS4)

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      InDesign CS4


      My figure captions numbers are faulty: I have fig. 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, and the next one is 6.5, followed by 6.6 and so on. Say, fig 6.4 number is hiding somewhere.


      To keep a figure with its caption (directly underneath) I am placing the figure into a frame, make another frame for the caption just under the figure frame, type the caption there and apply the caption style (shown below). Then I group the two frames to make them to stick together for eternity.


      Caption style:

      Caption + next: … + list: numbered + list name: figures + level: 2 + should restart: no + numbering character style: Strong + number: Figure ^H.^#^>    (H being the chapter number, here it is 6)


      Does anybody know how to put the numbering back in order?

      Please help.

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          jcz7 Level 1

          I have solved the problem:

          There was a text frame with figure legend containing the skipped number well outside the usually visible spread area. I have searched the whole document at low zoom to see a lot outside the spreads, found the culprit frame ‘stealing’ my figure number and deleted it.