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    Flash projector questions

    mentlity Level 1

      First, I'm in OS 10.7.3 using CS5.5 First problem here is, there any reason why I publish an .fla to an .app I get the circle thru the icon? Publishes all other platforms fine?


      Second, I have a Quicktime .mov that has deliberate pauses in it. The idea is for the user to have to hit a play button for the movie to continue, I need to know the best way to do this. Do I


      Import the .mov in the Media Encoder and convert to an .flv


      Drop the flv in an fla?


      The movie is long so do I use Cue Points so I can stop the movie on the frame I want and use a button on stage to go to frame and play when the user wants to resume playing?


      If so can I get a pointer or two on this?