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    Says installed, but its not! Adobe Flash Player HELP ASAP please!!

    mommanavin4 Level 1

      Adobe updated itself sometime ago within the last two weeks. Now nothing works. I use it for games, movie viewing, some schooling apps, and much more. Since it updated, It doesnt work. It always tells me to download Flash or upgrade. So I follow the link to download. I go thru the progress thing, that tells me to close IE, I do. Installation finishes, i am able to click done, and a pop up says Adobe Flash Player is installed and ready to use - or something along those terms. Then I go to adobe to test my version, and in the box that says what version you have, its white/grey box. It shows its installed on my PC, in the programs. It will not work though! Please help, I have homework Im 5 days behind on and its due Friday!


      I have also followed the Installation problems thing- Update software, delete old versions,etc.


      System:: Windows 7 SP1 I beleive, Comp is like a month old, its brand new. Running Microsoft Security Essentials and MalwareBytes for software/antivirus. Sometimes Windows Defender pops on. We use Internet Explorer only.  Any other questions please let me know. Im not technologically stupid, but this has me baffled....


      and I have a 7 year old crying because he cant watch his transformers movies! LOL! HELP