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    Dynamic Link issue


      I have Adobe CS5.5 Master Suite installed.  Has worked without a problem for many months now.  However, in the last few weeks, dynamic link fails to work.  I get a message "must have Adobe Production Premium installed" for dynamic link to work.  Anyone having a similar problem and is there a fix available?

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          Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

          You may need to state system and platform to be able to assist you.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            That can be caused by the same problem that causes this issue:


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              SpareWheel Level 2

              Hi Mike,


              I'm a Productioon Premium user.


              Dynamic Link has given me grief over a period of time for what I can see are no reasons, except and by accident I found the solution to my problem concerning this infuriating issue. No doubt there are other conditions that trigger this licensing safeguard.


              Always (which is a good point in troubleshooting in this digital minefield), Prem Pro threw up this message if I created a new After Effects project then proceeded to use "Replace with After Effects Composition" for the first time.


              Simple (in my case): close and reopen the new After Effects project. Solution - don't know why it keeps doing this (on occasions). It's what I call flakey, as with the same conditions set it could do something different. The reason I have come to the conclusion that Dynamic Link is not as stable as Adobe makes out. They could fix it overnight by doing away with the licensing safeguard - but they won't as they want to keep using Dynamic Link as a USP and product differentiator.