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    Google Chrome Frame plugin breaks RoboHelp 8 documents

    brettgpalmer Level 1

      We have a large ERP application with a heavy AJAX client (Dojo based).  The application is an internal application and the supported browser is IE8.  We would like to install Google Chrome Frame (GCF) on our user’s workstations to improve the overall performance of the application.



      One problem we discovered in testing is that RoboHelp 8 will not work if the GCF plugin is installed.  We use RoboHelp to generate a large amount of policy manuals for our workers.  When the GCF plugin is installed a user can click on the first navigation link but then is unable to navigate further.   


      The problem occurs as long as GCF is installed (regardless of whether its enabled or not).  If you uninstall GFC, the RoboHelp generated documents start working again.  


      RoboHelp generates an HTML frame layout with navigation links on the left and readable documents on the right.  Interestingly, RoboHelp 6 documents work all right with the GCF plugin.


      We only see the problem with RoboHelp 8.  I’m not sure if the same problem occurs with the RoboHelp 9.  I have not been able to find out a lot of information on this problem.  If anyone else has found similar problems with RoboHelp and has an effective work around we would love to hear it.  



      This is currently preventing us from rolling out the GCF plugin to our community.




      Thanks in advance for your help.