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    New to Flash Builder / Basic Syntax Qestion

    Sole RunNHide

      I am a seasoned PHP/MySQL programmer that recently has moved over to Flash (about a week ago), more specifically Flash Builder.  My Question is after calling data from an external xml file, how can you take the event handler value and store it into a usuable number variable (the xml values are numbers).  I have a function and would like to use the retrieved value throughout the document and not just bind it to one location.



      protected function retrieveData(event:FlexEvent):void
           getDataResult.token = your_file.getData();
           <s:CallResponder id="getDataResult"/>
           <your_file:Your_file id="your_file"
                          fault="Alert.show(event.fault.faultString + '\n' + event.fault.faultDetail)"


      I have tried various methods unsecessfully to store the value in a usuable number vairable with no success.  It will eventuall go in the following among other places


      timeline.append( TweenLite.to(meter_fill, .8, {y:"-290"}));