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    new to premiere/frame rate render problem


      Hey guys.


      With the the help of my friends, they introduced me to this wonderful program and i can't be happier:)


      I am still getting to know it better and it seems that i have a few issues.


      I see everyone saying something different:

      What is the best render for a youtube video? If i render something in mp4 it looks like the frame rate or something is slower. I imported iphone 4 vid which is 1280 x 720 24fps and if i render it as more fps or even the same,

      the video looks worse and it moves slower. skipping frames almost. if i check out original mov from phone it's much better and at the right speed and quality. i do export as hd.


      what is the best rendering options. just wanna upload videos of my band and it never looks great although original mov files looks awesome before rendering and putting them together.


      if someone can help me, that will be awesome.


      Thanx guys.




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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Premiere has presets for YT. Or use one of the HDTV presets found under the H.264 format.

          Just set the framerate the same as the source.

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            davcataa2 Level 1

            Nothing against Premiere Pro but don't use it for youtube. I have done about 80 videos for youtube and get them in HD with great quality.


            Here what to do:


            1) Download Xvid4psp it's free (get the version 5..version 6 is buggy)  http://winnydows.com/

            2) Select MP4 for video type and set video codec for x264 q18 Turbo

            3) Click on little round button next to where codec was selected for custom settings

            4) Select bitrate 2 pass program is very fast when rendering/encoding. (can use 1 pass if in a hurry)

            5) set bitrate anywhere from 1500-3000 depending on final file size shown at top and click OK.

            6) At top of window click on video and select resolution/aspect ratio

            7) Set for 16:9 1280x720 and crop as needed (this program is excellent for cropping) click OK.

            8) Again click video and choose interlace/framerate

            9) Choose progressive and set Framerate to 30 or 60 (I prefer 60 but try 30 to start with as per youtube's instructions 30fps is minimum for a good video) click OK.

            10) Click on Configure button. When window pops up click apply to demux audio then click OK.

            11) Click save button and choose location and filename.

            12) Click encode.


            If you doubt the proceedure above have a look at some of my videos:



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              Stephen_Spider Level 3

              I disagree with davcataa2. If someone is actually editing video, Premeire's encoder is a better choice. Output H.264 at the same dimensions and framerate as your source footage. Raise the video bit rate for less visual loss when outputting.


              I do agree that Xvid is a good codec for copying material.


              Beware downloading codec packages, it's a good way of messing up your editing system.

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                wernerdrums Level 1

                Hey everyone.

                Thanx so much for the replies.


                I tried rendering it the same as the input but if I compare the two it still looks like its

                skipping frames almost. How must I render a 720 x 576 25 fpm video for instance.

                If I render it in after effects aswell with best settings it looses speed.


                But with my iPhone 1280 x 720 videos there is also a frame rate difference.


                I always used Vegas pro and it never did that but I bought premiere and after effects cause it has so much more to offer. Hopefully I can sort this out:(


                If you guys have any ideas please post.


                Thanx so much


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                  davcataa2 Level 1

                  "disagree with davcataa2. If someone is actually editing video, Premeire's encoder is a better choice."


                  The OP is not editing a video. They just want to render it in a format that will work correctly plus work correctly on Youtube. I have been uploading videos to Youtube for several years and in the beginning tried many different programs and formats for my Youtube videos including Premiere Pro. I was never able to get a decent looking video until I followed the steps I posted above (which was taught to me by a video production guy at Warner Bros) using the program also posted above (which by the way also does xvid which also looks good on Youtube). If you go to the link I gave above and compare my older videos to my newer ones you will see what I am talking about.


                  I have nothing against Adobe as I own the Master suite and use it all the time. It is a great software and Preimere Pro is great for editing videos and I will use nothing except Encore to create my DVD's. I have tried other editing software including Vegas Pro and could never seem to get done what I needed to do because they always seemed to lack at least one or more tools that Premiere has. However I do not use it for Youtube. Youtube is very perticular about videos and for some reason it did not like videos made with Preimere even when they were done according to Youtubes guidelines. Not to mention that what takes Mediaencoder an hour to render takes only about 15 minutes in the program I recommended and the quality far surpasses ME.


                  As far as adding codecs to your system...yes...that can cause problems. However Xvid4psp only adds the x264 codec (which according to Youtube is the best for their videos) and Xvid if your system doesn't already have it. I have used the program for a few years now...first on my system when it was XP, then with Vista and now with Windows 7 and have never had any problems caused by it. But of course that is the OP's decision to make. I just feel that the OP can keep "Spinning Their Wheels" trying to do what they want with ME or they can do it the way (at least in my opinion) it has been proven to work correctly. Once again this is just my opinion and it is the OP's decision to make what they want to do.


                  Question for the OP:

                  Is this the only video you have worked with in Adobe? If you worked with other videos in Adobe did they have the same framerate issue or just this last one?


                  Also make sure you stop all uneeded programs, processes and services in windows when rendering. Do not do any other tasks on the computer when rendering. Make sure your video card drivers are up to date. Use a temperture monitoring program such as Realtemp and check to see if you system or video card is overheating while rendering.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    I can confirm that Xvid4PSP doesn't interfere with the operation of Adobe programs.  I've been using it for a while now to create my MP4's as it uses the superior x264 encoder, compared to Adobe's MainConcept encoder.