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    Having trouble exporting videos/ black bars


      Hi everyone.

      I'm having quite the difficult time here figuring out the proper settings for my project/export it would seem.

      I have footage recorded from playing my latest PC game Alan Wake.


      All files are recorded at 1920x1200


      I create a custom preset for 1920x1200 and render using a variety of options but none net me a perfect export without having some type of scaled down black barred video.


      My goal here is to export at 1920x1200........or even the 1080 equivelant 1728x1080 to upload to Youtube.


      I'm sure what it is I need is the perfect combo from start to finish with the sequence size and the pixel choice and the export settings but I've yet to figure it out.


      I've even in the export cropped accordingly just the video with no black bar....as my preview has some bars on the right, and it STILL does it.

      I'm going to keep trying combinations from the beginning, I really appreciate the help if someone can offer it.

      Thank you