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    Reuse of an Assembler in a custom service

    Flavy85 Level 1

      Hi there,

      first i have to say, i am pretty new to the whole lcds-stuff


      I have a flex-application which reads some data from a datasevice. i designed this service via the modeler plugin for flashbuilder.

      from the same flex-application i want to call a servic(remoteObject),which fills the database via another program on the server.

      Finaly my question:

      Is it possible use the existing assembler-classes in my custom service.

      I build an object within the service call and then call addItem from the corresponding assembler. I don't want to write the whole database-insertion-stuff again because the assembler is already using it.Perhaps other clients would be informed if new data arrived?


      I hope I don't miss any detail to understand the usecase.


      Thank You