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    PDF displays grey lines.

    JTRVeldman Level 1



      I'm working on a catalogue for my work.


      I have been placing various text and images in my document and all went well untill now.

      Every image is put in the same way and showed no abnormalities whatsoever.


      I now have two images which look normal in my Indesign document but show grey lines on the top and bottom when I export it as a PDF document.

      These are the only images that aren't displaying the right way.


      Have looked on google for an answer with no success.


      Please help!


      Kind regards,



      PS. The images themselves do not contain the grey lines.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          More info needed.




          First. How are you viewing this PDF. If it’s Apple’s Preview forget about it and switch Acrobat or Reader.




          If it’s not that, what type of images? What color model? What PDF export settings are you using?





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            JTRVeldman Level 1

            Actually it fixed itself.


            I think my CPU was to slow to generate the lines in Indesign, because I can see them now.


            So I made the image just large enough for the lines to go out of the viewbox but still keep the image.


            Thanks for your response!