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    Photoshop7 start problem

    Nico Boots

      On my Windows Vista PC I run several Adobe programs: the CS3 suite, Illustrator9, Reader9, but also Photoshop7 and ImageReady7. Two days ago suddenly all Adobe programs refused to start, including the Reader . Apparently, there was a problem with the licences. I have downloaded the LicenceRecovery program from Adobe Support, and having run it, as expected, all programs did run again.......except for one: Photoshop7. Every time when I start the program, it begins loading all the necessary modules, but then a Windows error message appears, saying that the program stopped running, that there is a problem (?) and that I have to close the program.

      I've tried several times to de-install and re-install Photoshop7 and ImageReady7 (they both came on the same disc). Every time Set-up congratulates me that I have succesfully installed the programs, while in fact the start problem persists. ImageReady starts, Photoshop does'nt. As Photoshop7 is now an oudated program, Adobe's helpdesk refuses me to help . I suspect that something in the Windows Registry has been corrupted (by LicenceRecovery?), but I have no idea where to look for. Has anyone encountered this problem before, and If so what was the solution?

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          Ricky-T Level 3

          Have you changed anything on your PC recently hardware wise? In particullar have you added a new hard drive? I'm sure i heard before that if you have a hard drive over 1TB in size, the old programs like Photoshop 7 will not install properly... if they were already installed maybe this has stopped them working? May be way off the mark there but just a thought.

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            Nico Boots Level 1



            Thanks for your reaction. I've not added any hardware. However, my problem has now been solved: I found elsewhere a discussion which described more or less the same problem. It can be caused by a corrupt preferences file. If you press CTRL/ALT/SHIFT while Photoshop7 starts it asks you if you want to delete the preferences. I did this, confirmed the question, and hurray ....Ph7 starts!!. Problem solved .


            However, I still do not understand why Adobe's helpdesk refuses to give me this simple solution, which is nowhere described in the help files.(G%&/"'^!)

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              Ricky-T Level 3

              Ahh right good to hear And yes it seems weird that Adobe would not even attempt to assist with an older version of thier software; they could at least take you through the simple trouble shooting such as resetting your preferences.

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                HI  I am having the same issue but on my MAC, I will try your solution and see if it works. I too am not Happy with adobe and was hung up on, and think we should all write to them regarding these issues.

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                  PatriciaBruhn Level 1

                  HI I have tried several times and I still cant open 7 photoshop, is there anyone who knows how to fix the issue??

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    You're trying to run Photoshop 7.0 on a Macintosh?


                    Do you have an old enough operating system to accomplish that? 


                    Apple has been steadily making it impossible to run older code (Photoshop 7 is what, PowerPC?) by deprecating the emulation facilities that allow you to continue to use older tools.



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                      Ricky Roberts

                      Hi Patricia,


                      Pls tell which version of MAC OS are you using to run PS 7.


                      If possible attach the screenshot of error to be looked upon.




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                        PatriciaBruhn Level 1

                        it is 10.5.8  and I dont know how to do screen shot on a mac


                        Patricia Bruhn

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                          PatriciaBruhn Level 1

                          yes a mac IBOOKG4  yes I was using it right up till I upgraded to 10.5.8

                          well now that just isnt right if that is true No  one should be forced to upgrading,  I cant afford a new Mac at this time.  Thanks for your info. about Apple


                          Patricia Bruhn

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                            Bo LeBeau Level 4

                            Google is your friend.




                            Photoshop 7 no longer works in Leopard OSX 10.5


                            Photoshop 7 was released in March 2002, it is now 10 years old.

                            Sorry for your problems, but you have only 2 possible solutions:

                            • Roll back the OS to an earlier version
                            • Upgrade to a newer version of Photoshop (to save some money you could just get Photoshop Elements instead)


                            You might want to download a trial version to Photoshop Elements to see if it does what you need before spending any money.


                            Good Luck

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                              PatriciaBruhn Level 1

                              HI BO, Thanks for the info  I have asked others and did do a google & apple search etc, and didnt find anything.  I owned 10.5.8 for  a year before I upgraded due to memory issues , I do own CS5, which I cant use because I need a new MAC that has intel, while it is old Photoshop, it does what I need I think the problem is when I  got the new hardrive os x tiger wasnt re installed . In  dec I lost everything when adding leopard  Thanks again  at least now I have an awswer and will spread the word.


                              Patricia Bruhn

                              Graphic Designer