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    Problem with file updating..or not updating


      I made a big magazine-ad with Illustrator and placed .ai -file to inDesign. I updated file several times after placing file in to the indesign. InDesign recognized that I have saved the file few times, but not the last ones so Preflight thought that it was the final version of the file which were in indd-file. Which it wasn't. And of course I didn't saw it before we send our final-PDF to press. So there wasn't the final version of the .ai -file in the final-PDF which was exported from InDesign.


      I even tried to relink the file, but it didn't show the final .ai-file version in InDesign even though it looked right in Illustrator. I even opened the linked file from the InDesign, and it looked right in Illustrator but not in InDesign.


      Hopefully you got my problem. It was kind of uncomfortable to answer our customers phonecall.


      Versions tha I use


      InDesign CS5.5  7.5.2

      Illustrator CS5  15.1.0