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    Not able to connect correctly


      Hi All,


      i am using cirrus application in my localend and i found it is not connecting correctly. After retry 3- 4 times it get connected correctly.


      I got this message in status tab.


      Connecting to ysingh@cogniter.com

      NetConnection event: NetConnection.Connect.Success

      Connected, my ID: 206e037de7021927a7c5996030526d2a2b19ed1f19cfe81fd8896b387d217781

      username:ysingh@cogniter.com nearID206e037de7021927a7c5996030526d2a2b19ed1f19cfe81fd8896b387d217781ID event: registerSuccess


      what I is see here is it is connecting as ysingh@cogniter.com and username is also ysingh@cogniter.com. but it shuld connecting to other user. after refresing the application 3-4 times it connect correctly.



      Please help on this issue... as i have already invest many hours on this to resolve.