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    Slight Delay When Adding Stage Video enabled MediaPlayer to Stage + Stage Video Questions OSMF 1.6.1

    Sunil John

      I'm compiling my Video Player against OSMF 1.6.1.


      I have a queue of Stage Video enabled MediaPlayers, which get added to stage and play in sequence.


      This the flow...


      I load one video. Once I get the size and duration events I know the video is ready and I add video to stage.

      Then when the video is complete, I instantiate a new Media Player, load the next video and wait for size and duration events. Then I add the new video player and remove the old video player from stage. When this happens I see a gap between clips and see the stage. All of these Media Players sit inside container Sprites.


      It's like there is a slight delay before each Media Player starts rendering, so theres a slight gap between clips. Is this because the Media Player needs to be added to stage first, before it can render?


      Is there a custom OSMF event to let me know that the Media Player has been added to stage and is ready to render before I remove the previous Media Player?


      I might be looking for something like StageVideoEvent.RENDER_STATE...



      The other thing thats throwing me off is if I'm using a Stage Video enabled Media Player (that sitting inside a container Sprite)...Why do I have to add the container Sprite to stage? If it's Stage Video shouldn't it just show up when the netstream is attached to stage video?