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    Splash screens and Modal

    jetrased Level 1



      There is a splash screen dislayed as my Application is loading in the background ( it's a company specific thing). The problem is, I want a popup when the either the application is complete or the creation complete. However no matter where I call the popup form, it does not receive the focus and is not tabbable.


      I tried setting a timeout : setTimeout(popupLogOnDlg,4000);


      THe problem is that different browsers seem to have different load times of the splash screen or how the flex chain of events is handled. In IE9, Firefox 10.02 there is no problem when I set it to 3000, it appears right after the splash screen. However in IE8 and Chrome it is appearing too early.


      Can anyone help with figuring out how I can  ge tthis working across all the browsers or a better way to have it implemented.