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    Some questions from a Homesite lover


      I'm forcing myself finally to begin the transition to CF Builder 2 after 10 years of using Homesite, and a few things are still really bugging me.  My current environment is a mix of Windows servers and Linux servers.  In Homesite, I edit the files on the Windows servers directly using mapped network drives, and the Linux files using FTP.  I'm having trouble finding the ideal setup for CF Builder for a few reasons.


      Even after installing the 2.01 Beta, editing files via FTP in the File View seems to not always update the server, even after I checked the new box in the FTP Properties panel.  The inconsistency is what's driving me nuts there.


      As for the Windows servers, I had been using RDS to make my edits and that works reasonable well, except I can't find a way to compare two files to each other.  That option only seems to appear in the Navigator View, which means I would have to create projects for all my servers.  Is that pretty much the best way to use CF Builder?  It seems cumbersome, but I realize that while my previous practices may have been convenient, they might not be the best practice.