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    Default "Black" shows as 4 color black?  [InDesign CS3/Mac OS 10.6.8]



      I have a file sent back by my printer claiming that the black text is all set as 4-color black.

      When I check the swatches palette the text is all set to the default InDesign black (100k).


      However, when I view the separations preview panel the text does show up as a 4-color black.


      If I copy and paste that text box into a new document the text only appears as a one color black (under the separations preview).

      If I copy and paste a block of 1-color black text from a new document into the weird document the text shows up as 4-color black (under the separations preview).


      I've tried all the black color preferences in InDesign. Haven't found a fix there.

      Am I missing a setting somewhere else?

      Is something corrupt?


      Any advice is greatly appreciated.