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    Best Music Scoring Software?



      I was wondering what recommendations people have on music scoring software.

      The Scores in SB are not meeting my needs.

      I have played around with the free version of smart sound but I dont think that will do either.


      Love to hear some thoughts on the subject.


      Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Are you looking to create the music yourself?


          Will the Loopology function in Adobe Audition help you?


          As for SmartSound, I use their Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition, and with their Muli-Layer Libraries, one can find so much great music, in many genres, plus adapt that almost infinitely. If you have not investigated the Scoring Edition, I strongly recommend that you do. There are a couple of tutorials on Sonicfire Scoring Edition on the SmartSound Web site.


          This ARTICLE goes into a bit more detail on SmartSound.


          Good luck,



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