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    Error Message at Project File Start Up

    TISHAY26 Level 1



      I'm running Premiere (5.5) on a Dual Core MAC (6GB of RAM)


      I'm working on a project that recently received a 'serious error' message and 'Adobe Premiere needs to close'.  Upon re-opening the project, I get this strange message:


      /Volumes/BuildDisk/builds/Mulder64/shared/adobe/MediaCore/Backend/Make/Mac/../../Src/Clip/ MasterClip.cpp-2892


      My media is all there and plays back fine but I get a 'Media Pending' in the source playback monitor.  Something I uncovered was that if I go in and 'deinterlace' each individual clip, the media is not pending anymore; to that specific clip. 


      Does anyone know why I am getting this message and how to correct?


      Many Thanks