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    Snap function in CS4 After Effect (simple Question)

    kishoreda Level 1

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      After Effect CS4


      Gentlemen .

      A very simple question, since i am more of a Premiere person, it seems like I am stuck with this problem and the problem is

      In Premiere its called "Snap" its a tool or function that automatically finds the connecting or starting or ending of a clip.

      For example if I have 3 channels of video and I have many cuts, by dragging the edge of a video , it tells or shows me when they are connected

      I tried to search , all I find is "Snap to Guides" which in not doing what I want .

      If you need more explanation, plz let me know , else hope you can help.


      Btw. in Premiere the Snap looks like a "Magnet"