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    Clearing InDesign Preference files?


      I work at a school.  Recently we have had trouble with InDesign (CS2) documents becoming corrupted, and causing InDesign to crash on launch.  I have found the relavent knowledgebase article, but I have a few questions about it, Link:





      The second article says that frequent document corruption is often caused by bad preference files.  It says the preference files can be found at this path-name for Windows Vista/7:


      C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version [version]\Caches\InDesignSavedData


      However, on our machines, there is no "Cache" folder within the "Version 4.0" folder.  Should I just delete/rename all of the files in the "Version 4.0" folder?  Also, the same article states that the preference files can be cleared by holding Ctrl-Alt-Shift while InDesign starts?  Does anyone know if this clears the preference files for all users, or just the current user?


      Thanks guys!