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    ActionScript in Flex Builder 3


      I've been working on an ActionScript project in Flex Builder 3 that I expected to have the Tween classes. Since I built the ActionScript project in Flex 3, it seems that I'm missing some classes that I would normally have if I was using Adobe Flash CS3 or if I had built a Flex Project in Flex 3.

      I was looking for fl.transitions.Tween or mx.effects.Tween - among others.

      I'm looking at using the classes under fl.* because I can find them inside Adobe Flash CS3. I'm trying to add a source folder, but only my intellisense finds the classes - my builder doesn't seem to recognize anything. I get an error saying fl.transitions.Tween cannot be found.

      How do I get Tween functionallity? Am I headed in the right direction?