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    Disc Menus

    The great dog Chippie Level 1

      I am using PE10. I want to create a DVD with 6 short videos and the current Disc menus only have space for 4 videos.  Is there a way around this?




      The great dog Chippie

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Only if you create a custom-designed menu, as described a few posts down.



          Your other option is to install one of the DVD templates available at Premiere Elements support site http://Muvipix.com.


          One of their menu templates might well work as a starting point for you.


          The other option is to edit your videos in Premiere Elements and then use a third-party program like DVD Architect Studio (a $39 download from Sony) to create your DVD menus. I demonstrate the program in my free 3-part basic training tutorials.


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            The great dog Chippie Level 1

            Thanks Steve

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              In PrE, when one has more Chapters (set with Chapter Markers), than the Menu Set's Scene Selection Menu has, the program will create a second (and a third, etc.) Scene Selection Menu, to accommodate the additional Chapters.


              As Steve points out, some of the great Menu Set Templates at Muvipix, offer more options, than most of the Menu Set Templates in PrE.


              One can also modify the Menu Sets in Photoshop (it is more difficult in PS Elements, as it cannot create Layer Sets - necessary to create Buttons), but there are some very, very strict naming conventions, and also structural rules, that one MUST follow. When a user does such a modification, I STRONGLY recommend that they Save their modified Templates into a separate sub-folder, and create the PNG thumbnails to match (used to display the Menu Sets in the Menu Creation Panel), plus that they also follow the file naming conventions, just as PrE wants them. This ARTICLE (from the PS Forum), goes into more detail. Remember, one MUST follow certain naming and structural conventions, to the letter. Creating Menu Sets (or modifying existing ones) is fun, and is rewarding. I do not want to scare you off from doing that, but want to point out that some things, that might not be readily intuitive, are critical and necessary. Though I create many Menus for use in Encore, when doing so for PrE, I keep one of the Library Menu Sets handy for reference. Since PrE does much of the authoring semi-automatically, it requires many more considerations, than will Menus for Encore, where everything is manual.


              Good luck,