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    Unbarably long AfterEffects cs5.5 render on a fast PC


      To preface, here are my system specs:


      i7-2760QM @2.40

      16gb Installed RAM
      Win 7 64bit

      Nvidia 560m 3gb

      OCZ Vertex 3 SATAIII SSD 120gb
      WD Scorpio SATAIII 7200rpm 750gb



      The project: Music video with 1080p footage scaled down to 720. All non-used footage has been deleted, and the project has been completley purged prior to rendering.
      The problem: Every time I render (h.264 CBR 120 w/ audio), it gets about 1/4th way through very quickly and then slows to a painstakingly slow chug. In 15 minutes, it gets through a quarter of the project with an estimated 50"ish" minutes to complete, but the render time quickly doubles...and now I'm at 5 an estimated 5 hours to complete.


      What gives? I have, from what every guide on the internet has said, optimized AE for my machine....