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    Chained embedding?

      Hi everyone.

      I have been trying to embed assets in Flex using the embed metatag. For simple things this works fine but when I try to do a more advanced embedding scheme it fails.

      What I want is to have three swf-files where one is the application swf (we can call it "A") and the two others are resource swf's ("B" and "C"). The main application has a class called Canvas that embeds a symbol from B. Here comes the tricky part: The symbol Canvas in B has a sub-clip which is imported from C. The reason for this setup is to have customer branding of the graphics in C so that they can be shared by a lot of swf's. A change of C's library would immediately be applied to all importing swfs without the need for recompile (other than C of course).

      However, when I run A, it embeds from B correctly but then throws a run-time error complaining about class definition missing for the resource that I want to link from C (the sub-clip that is). It seems as if the "import from runtime library) flag that I set through CS3 is lost when I embed in Flex.

      If I create the main swf also in CS3 it works as it *should*. Is it possible to accomplish this using Flex? I don't like the idea of having to do everything in CS3 (including debugging) since Flex Builder 3 is so much better to work in.